My Christmas Wish

Christmas is definitely an exciting occasion to celebrate aside from birthdays. It’s the time when kids enjoy receiving gifts from Santa Claus. Children before actually want to receive toys as their Christmas present. A toy car, a robot, a toy doll or a plastic gun are just some of the toys that they’d be happy to receive. However, as years go by, the kind of playthings that kids prefer nowadays have become difficult to find and more expensive. They now go for mobile phones, game consoles and other high tech stuff.

christmas-wishNow, since I’m all grown-up, I actually want to receive far more than these game consoles and high tech devices. I’m thinking of those more costly and sophisticated things, perhaps a car or a sporting gear… well, just wishful thinking. What I do receive every Christmas, now that I’m a grown-up, are business Christmas cards and some personalised ones from family and friends. I don’t mind getting personalised Christmas cards as it contains sincere messages which at times are very emotional.

I am not sure though, if an individual’s preference changes as he grows old… or it’s actually the society in general that has changed over the years. Sometimes, I wonder what might be the things I’d really like for Christmas when I become an old guy. Would it be those sophisticated things that adults want or the simpler stuff most children appreciate? I’ll tell you what I wish for… I wish for things which you can’t actually buy or pay for, and that is “happiness and long life!”